Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd.
TCIL is a leading ISO - 9001:2008 certified public sector undertaking. TCIL-IT is managed by ICSIL (Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd.), a Joint Venture of TCIL (Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd), a Govt. of India Enterprise and DSIIDC (Delhi State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd), a Govt. of Delhi Undertaking.


TCIL, a premier telecommunication consultancy and engineering company
with a strong base in Telecommunication & Information Technology (IT), was incorporated in 1978 by Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India under the aegis of Ministry of Communications, headed by Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

Important Notice:  The students are warned against false promises made by some computer centres that they offer TCIL-IT certification. It is clarified that TCIL-IT courses are offered only through licensed centres listed in the web site and in case they come across any such instance they are advised to bring the matter to the notice of the Co-ordinator - Education & Training, TCIL-IT for appropriate action.